Why are stories so compelling?

Stories are a powerful way to entertain, teach, influence, inspire, and provide hope. People relate to stories and understand the message that is conveyed when it resonates within us. Through our own stories we leave an intimate piece of ourselves to share with others. Capturing the emotions that make people feel is what brings the stories to life.

Memory and imagination provide solutions for problems leading to preferred outcomes.  Stories are an effective form of escape through reading books, watching videos, and listening to audiobooks.  They help us understand and have empathy which develops social skills, builds trust, and form relationships.

My clients tell me how meaningful it was to share their story with their children and grandchildren who learned about their challenges and their triumphs.  Their stories formed a bond and an identity through which they will never be forgotten.

Would you like to tell your story and influence people?

Whether it is for personal or corporate use, I believe that telling one’s story is a priceless gift.

My name is Doreen Fernandez, and I am the founder of Memory Bloom.  I am a Legacy, Corporate and Creative writer.

I consider storytelling to be the bridge that connects the past to the future.