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Memory Bloom

After many years working in the financial industry, I decided to pursue my passion for writing. Specifically legacy writing, however my love for writing takes me down many paths. I learned a lot in the corporate sector and can apply my knowledge to assist businesses with documentation, website content, books and anything content driven. This allows the business owners to focus on what they do best, running their business.


My many years of experience in the corporate world has equipped me with skills and competencies to be successful in that arena. My business savvy includes insights into how a business operates and the many facets that govern it.

Most often people in the organization are busy with running the day-to-day operations and focusing on their clients.  The administration side of things usually piles up, but it is just as important to deliver the message.  Don’t let the process and procedural side of things weigh you down.

Relationship management, customer service and analysis are the core of all organizations. I can apply my knowledge to assist you with your business needs such as:

Book writing

Do you have an idea that you would like to share with the world? Perhaps you would like to document your journey and what you have learned to help business owners and clients....

Process documentation

Having proper processes outlined for your business helps to keep things on track and in order. Documenting your processes helps employees know exactly what they are meant to do and identifies...

Training manuals

How do you share knowledge about your business processes and procedures with your employees? Having a training manual documents all the important processes, procedures, technology...

Program Development

Are you a busy business owner who is aiming to enhance your operations, productivity, and employee and customer engagement? Providing effective programs is crucial for business growth.

Training and Facilitation

Effective training and facilitation are essential for fostering a culture of learning and growth within your organization.

Website content

Having great website content will attract people to your site. Search engine optimization is key to getting noticed and raise your visibility to gain new customers as you build your brand...



Why are stories so compelling?

Stories are a powerful way to entertain, teach, influence, inspire, and provide hope. People relate to stories and understand the message that is conveyed when it resonates within us. Through our own stories we leave an intimate piece of ourselves to share with others. Capturing the emotions that make people

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How Memory Bloom came to be

I worked in a corporate environment in the financial services industry for over 20 years.  I was a typical sheep working 9 to 5 and slugging it downtown by train every day.  I don’t begrudge it because I gained a lot of valuable experience while being able to live my

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